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10 June 2013 @ 11:34 am
Or maybe some call it Fraxel Re:pair

I have striae around my thighs and I will marry soon so I want to try another method to relieve me from this long-lasting problem >.<
I've read some review on fraxel laser, negatives and positives, but since I wouldn't have it on my face, why not?
It costs me 6 million rupiahs for one treatment (I've only done once) and my doctor said I can't have it too often. He called it fraxel but it turned out a fractional CO2 laser when I read what written on the machine. And just now I just realized that Fraxel Re:pair is an ablative laser that use CO2. So I thought maybe this one what I've got last friday.

Actually I want to have in Erha clinic since they have 2 kind of fraxel machine (ablative and non ablative). But I only can have treatment in Jakarta (kemanggisan). I do have many plans to get to Jakarta but got suspended because of many reasons. So I thought maybe God doesn't want me to go to Erha, then I searched like crazy about fraxel in Bandung. And I found Dermato Skin Care which placed near my house, not too near but I know that place so well. The doctor also very nice.

It hurts. It does really hurt.
They gave me anesthetic cream 2 hours before the treatment, well almost 3 hours. I had to wait until the doctor finished a surgery. Somehow the logic is not too different from derma stamp, but maybe this one a hundred times better *I hope*. Now, 4 days after the treatment mt redness still stubbornly on my skin, but much less. They're pinkish right now. But last night it was itching so I can't sleep well. Some places also hurt, maybe swelled. Then just now, I read some negatives effect on some people after fraxel. Some of them had the redness for years >.< OMG frightened me so much. My doctor said the redness would be gone. I have to protect my skin from the sunlight, but that's not a problem since I wear long trouser every day.

They said the result wouldn't be seen right away but it takes some weeks or maybe months. I plan to have another treatment on august, I hope this redness would go away asap. I would give another review when I see the result of this treatment.
16 April 2013 @ 09:22 am
What should I say? Alhamdulillah :D

Pertama-tama,, gw emg udh kerja di perusahaan besar plus udh jadi karyawan tetap setelah melanglang buana setahun OJT.. Gw udah diangkat kurang lebih satu stengah taun dan masih ditempatkan di pulau jawa..
di postingan sebelum ini, gw udah cerita mau merit dan gw sih berpikir untuk apa merit kalo emg hidup sendiri juga? jadi rencananya setelah masa dinas berakhir 2,5 taun lagi gw positif resign, apalagi kl ga pindah2 ke jkt..
nah rencananya pgn kerja di rumah aja,, impianku buka butik sendiri masih mengawang2 tp disiapin dikit2 dr skarang.. cuma cari2 yang lain, gw cuma punya apa? bekel bahasa.. hehe

akhirnya pontang-panting nyari lowongan penerjemah freelance,, awalnya nemu penerbit H*** dan gw dikasih skitar 10 lembar novel disuruh nerjemahin,,, dan gagal >.<~ sedih banget pas gagal itu.. tp dari penerbit itu dijelasin kekurangan gw,,, btw, bahasanya bahasa korea yahh..
searching2 lg karna ga terima *wkwkwk* akhirnya nemu yg elex media dan dihubungi sama editornya.. dikasihlah gw tes yg ga nanggung2.. 2 penggalan komik (satu serial cantik satu lagi mafia2an) plus 1 penggalan novel queen seondeok.. menyesallah gw dulu ga nonton dramanya,, karna gw ga terlalu suka cerita saeguk,, dan OMGnya lagi,, bahasanya rada beda sama bahasa skarang, dah gtu gw jd harus tau ini siapa,, anaknya siapa,, ibunya yang mana,, hahaha

begitu liat queen seondeok itu gw langsung hopeless.. karna deadlinenya seminggu akhirnya gw kerjain yang gampang dulu,, serial cantik,, isinya cuma saranghae saranghae,, trus ternyata yang komik mafia itu biar susah tp rame >.<  dasar gw emg ga suka serial cantik.. komik itu kl ga salah gw kerjain 2 malem,, karna emang bisa malem doang.. tp besok2nya males dan ada acara jd untuk novel cuma punya waktu semalem,, udah ada yang gw terjemahin dikit2 tp belum dirangkai jd satu cerita,, kl gtu biasanya masih kebalik2,,
tp akhirnya selesai juga sih,, tp emang bagiannya rada rame,, pas ada pembunuhan >.<~ jadi bagian itu cepet banget gw ngerjainnya,,

supaya ga ngulangin kesalahan waktu gw dulu akhirnya gw baca smua dr awal ampe akhir,, emg masih ada yang rada aneh tp udah males jg benerinnya,, asal ngalir aja ceritanya.. gw kumpulin deh,,

eh ternyata diterima sodara sodari!!! horeee~ ternyata kemampuan bhs korea gw belum punah..
honornya sih kecil ya,, uang dinas gw ke jakarta 2 hari aja bisa hampir 3 kalinya honor 1 komik,, tp gw kan baru merintis,, siapa tau ksana2 bisa nyoba novel,, tp kl novel emg harus punya waktu banyak.. yang paling susah adalah gw ga hapal kosakata.. hasil dari homey dikitlah yang kepake waktu gw nerjemahin (kosakata ya) kalo untuk struktur kalimat dan grammar sih cukup banget,, paling ada bbrp akhiran yang rada aneh jd kudu nyontek website grammar..

Smoga aku bisa langgeng ama kerjaan yang ini,, ohohoho,, biar dapetnya ga seberapa tp itu bener2 hasil jerih payahku (soalnya blum lancar bahasa korea)..
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15 April 2013 @ 11:03 am
It's my wedding~

My boyfriend and I often quarreled about when we're gonna get marry. As a girl, marriage is my long lasting dream from long ago. We have different opinion about this until someday we broke up on February *I think or maybe January* but somehow we came to an agreement to marry this year. He fulfilled my wish *thank you dear*

We are now preparing our wedding day, starting from this April!! yey!~ congratulation to us *throws confetti*

The first thing we've done is make what-to-do list including the budget >.<~ it seems that we have to spend more than 100 million rupiahs for the party~ Actually we want to limit out budget under 100 million, but it'll be impossible~

The second one was searching the venue. That was hard, I called more than 10 venues in Bandung to see the available date on november but most of them were booked or expensive T.T
These are lists of venues that I called last week:
1. Unpad >> Booked until the end of this year >.<
2. UPI >> there'll be a reparation on the last 3 months at the end of this year
3. Kartipah guest and wedding house >> actually we really fell in love with the concept of this place, but it was so expensive. It will cost about 70 million rupiahs only for the food and decoration
4. Biofarma >> it costs RP 16.500.000, kept on our list since its available on november
5. Gallery Cinde >> Soooo cheap, but when we got there it was so small then we dropped it from our list. It only costs Rp. 4.000.000
6. Hotels (Sheraton, Savoy, etc) >> EXPENSIVE for above 200 people, we dropped them from our list.
7. Gedung wanita >> It costs Rp 7.700.000, available, but it was said to have no AC, but kept
8. TEKMIRA >> I've been there for my friend wedding, it was quite nice but really far, only Rp. 7.500.000
9. Bumi Samami >> Nice place, from what I remember it still available, not costs much as biofarma, but full outdoor area
10. Gedung Bhayangkara >> it fits our criteria so much, not too expensive, large building, easy to reach, also have a very large parking lot, but we heard a terrible rumor from this building, many uninvited guests will come to the wedding party and eat a lot.
11. many more.........................................

We really have a deep thought about the venue. We do want to be different from the standard wedding party in Bandung, but if we think about the unstable weather maybe it would be safe if we have indoor party. Outdoor party will also costs much on decoration, we need the area to fully covered with tent.
Since we have to move on *two weeks for choosing venue* yesterday, we chose................................... BIOFARMA building as the winner for our wedding venue *clapping hands*
Yes we have to spend more money on this building, but the building is in great condition, has canopy, mosque included, strategic area, quite large parking lot :D

Next step is CATERING
The most expensive from our total cost is on the food. I've tried 2 caterings until now, Asparagus and SW catering. You don't have to doubt SW catering, the most famous one in Bandung. Their foods are totally yummy, but yet very expensive. Asparagus is quite cheap but you can't compare the taste with SW. It tastes good enough actually and their decorations are great. I don't really like SW's traditional decoration, because my wedding would not include any traditional ceremony.
My cousin had helped me to find another catering with a great decoration, Shofi Catering. I visited them yesterday at Bikasoga and it was marvelous decoration. I haven't seen wonderful decoration like that before *not exaggerating* but we haven't taste their food, my cousin said it tastes as SW's food, but I want to try them myself.

So, my boyfriend and I still confused. The owner of Shofi helped us to get the venue, she's very kind. If only Shofi's catering is as good as SW, we definitely choose Shofi. Actually there's a chance to try the food this weekend but I can't go there because I have another job in Jakarta.

I'll update soon maybe with another post *can't wait until our wedding day*
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28 December 2012 @ 03:21 pm

On my previous entry I told you some of SK-II products that I'm using right now


Last week I went to SK-II counter in SOGO paris van java Bandung. I just want to buy big bottle of clear lotion because my 10 ml bottle had been used up for only few days >.< it was cheaper than FTE~ then... they put the aura set on display >.< OMG!! Cellumination essence really got me under its spell~ huhuhu


Unfortunately the aura set doesn't include my big bottle of clear lotion.. So the nice and pretty BA told me to buy 3 million worth products and I will get festive fill at will set for bonus!! since the cellumination essence costs me around 2 million rupiahs and the clear lotion is about 500k something, so I thought its okay to add another products worth of 500K,, then I decided to buy 75 ml FTE :D 


guess what?? I also get the gorgeous red rochas box !!! really happy despite the very expensive price!!


I got 30 ml FTE, 30 ml repair C, 30 g stempower, 1 mask, 40 ml clear lotion inside of my festive bonus!!!


I think I don't need to repurchase any repair C until the end of 2013 >.< I only use 1 drop of it every day for my entire face and bye bye my dry skin~


I also got 100K SOGO voucher for spent 3 million rupiahs at once >.<

there you go.. great pieces of sk-II

03 December 2012 @ 09:41 am
A bit late for (a) comment(s).. but still since I wrote about the beginning of the dispute, then I should close it too in my LJ..

It was on July 2009 *I think* not  a month since I watched their concert for the first time and for the last time..
I felt so sad and was praying so much and believed those AKTF words. First, I thought its the faith for the 5 and I knew I was wrong when "the beginning" released on early 2011 (?) I don't watch much kpop since that day, even JYJ or TVXQ. I asked "why" so many times then I became understood. Its the faith for the 3, Cassies were divided into 3 groups (maybe) or more? maybe more, I used to be the fourth one. 
Homin Standers, JYJ standers, moderate, the broken one.

I was disappointed on that day. I grew up with them *2003-2009* 6 years is not a short time. Kpop is my only way enjoying life, since my parents always only looked for my grade. Suddenly they were divided into 2 groups and the one I put faith into was releasing album by their own.. I was..... angry

Since I found another group that has similar atmosphere with the old TVXQ, even can't sing properly, then I thought so maybe I just forget my TVXQ days.. and enjoying my life instead

But then..... even JYJ won the court few times, SM would not likely give them any chance. And I was like so-so for kpop.. Then I think JYJ and SM should resolve this asap or the dispute would be forever. Of course I started to back on the JYJ side again. 
6 years with them was enough reason to me that I dont want to see any of them struggling like they are now.

finally on November 27th 2012, the long dispute which likely would be forever had came to an end. I wish... We wish that's true.

It was said they would not meddle with each other's bussiness anymore... I hope so.. we hope SM does
As long as I remember JYJ was never meddling with any SM bussiness, even Homin.

For me, the days when I was a cassie is over. I'm not JYJ stander too, even I still like them.
I'm just a girl who enjoying music that I like...
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07 November 2012 @ 02:50 pm

Yes!! Its SK-II \(^o^)/

again... price would never lie >.<~

I know maybe some of you would think that the price is too expensive for a merely skincare.
Because I did.

I knew it from Lee Yeon Hee *Korean actress*, She has been the model for SK-II in Korea for a long time and I knew her since I've got to like K-pop. She's very pretty and has a great skin. But I've became more interested on this brand because of a korean drama called "Ghost". Actually the plot was nothing to do with skincare, but Lee Yeon Hee was in it. Ghost also endorsed by SK-II and the bottle of the infamous "miracle water", which I would called it FTE (Facial treatment essence) later, appears many times in the drama.

I thought it was fun to use a light skincare *water based* with only patting it on my face, no need for cotton pad. Well, actually its up to you, but you have to pour more on the cotton pad than on your palm. It means more money to waste.

So I tried it, with 30 ml sample bottle. 

Its stink >.<~ doesn't smell good at all, but quickly absorbed to my skin so the smell would also gone after a while.

I have a very dry skin but a bit oily on the T-zone. Moreover, I work on the top of the mountain and it makes my skin got more dry ever. The texture of my skin has more refined after using FTE and the dryness in my office would not likely have influence anymore to my skin. Even my friends here asked me why my skin got moist suddenly. I also got a new hobby, touching my face because it feels so smooth!!

FTE really works on me and most of people who using it. Some people said that if you want to start using the brand, then use FTE first *for at least a month or so* then you may add some others by the brand. It was said because your skin may purging or have a sudden breakout for some time until the dirt on your face gone. I've got no choice but listen to them. Luckily no breakout for me because of FTE.

Then I tried another bottle, Repair-C. You know with oily T-zone I have so many blackheads and whiteheads all over my nose, not only nose but my chin too >.<~ A week after I used Repair-C then a sudden breakout occured. There was a big red pimple on my nose, so I used the tea tree oil from bodyshop. It doesn't look effective and after the pimple got a little bit dried, I tried to peel it and you know what? A big whitehead fall off. It didn't feel hurt at all. My pore didn't seem to closed by itself and I use the repair-c again at night, then in the morning it looks smaller than before.
These big red pimples came 3 times, 2 of them already cleared off without any trace \(^o^)/

I also tried clear lotion to substitute my cleansing milk and toner. It works really well on my skin, my blackheads also fell off after my 1st use \(^o^)/

You also have to try clear mask in lotion, it moists your skin very well.

The one that doesn't really match with my skin is cellumination deep surge EX. Its a whitening and brightener cream. It makes my face looks so oily and doesn't absorbed as fast as the other products >.<~ The people I know who have tried this said the same thing, they don't like the texture.

I'd like to repurchase FTE, Repair-C and clear lotion everytime they're used up. I would also try cellumination essence and another cream by SK-II, maybe the UV lotion one..

I already spent almost 3 million rupiahs *maybe more* for only few bottles of SK-II >.<~ really too much for my wallet, but its more like investment. I'm in the middle of my 20s, before its too late I have to take a little care of my skin face from now on..

02 August 2012 @ 06:55 am

ternyata kl baca news2 kpop terutama news rame ttg grup yg lg bermasalah tp kita ga suka grup itu dan cm ngikutin buat mengamati rasanya beda yaaa.. dl pas dongbang bermasalah kayanya gw jg jd down dan kl ada news baru yg ga menyenangkan gw pasti jd sedih..
pasti taulah ya grup mana yg gw maksud.. yg lagi bermasalah skrg.. sbnernya gw awalnya baca ga sengaja bgt.. lg di bandara sndirian nunggu flight yg masih amat lama trus mainan hp.. buka2 fb dan liat postingannya allkpop.. pas gw buka ramee..waktu itu news ttg tweetnya t-ara.. pdhl gw ga tau jg yg namanya hwayoung yg mana.. hahaha.. bagi gw t-ara itu eunjung, jiyeon, sm hyomin.. karna gw ga pernah ngikutin kpopnya cm tau dr drama sm pilem hantu doang..
jd pengen ngikutin comebacknya ntar kekekekk.. pasti masih ada yg support sih.. tp dgn banyaknya org yg pgn mereka disband kayanya ending bakal sedikit beda sm ceritanya dongbang..
gw ga mihak siapapun karna gw emg ga tau biasanya gimana.. hwayoung pun baru tau.. hehe..
no offense to everyone..

18 July 2012 @ 03:18 pm

yak.. skrg makin kepengen bl samsung galaxy s3 yg pebble blueeee.. tp galaaauu soalnya karna hape udh punya warna oke kaya gtu ntar jd susah milih phone casenya alias ga bs pake warna pink.. hueeeeenggg saia galaw..


nanti mau langsung tak apgred jd jelly bean.. mdh2an ga ngurangin performa.. kl kata internet sih malah makin user friendly.. tp os gtu kan cocok2an sm hpnya..


banyak bgt ni aksesoris official yg mau tak beli.. bakal bangkrut.. salah 2nya c pen biar bs gambar kek galaxy note sama wireless charger.. keknya keren kl pake wireless charger, hitech gmana gtu... wkwkwk..


moga2 semua sesuai ekspektasi sama ripiw agan agan kaskus...

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17 June 2012 @ 05:32 pm
Yesterday I went to an amazing concert in Jakarta.. guess whose concert it is......................

YES!! It was Junsu's concert "Tarantallegra"

Actually I was confused when I have to decide whether I'll be going or not.. but since I have another tasks in Jakarta, guess I dont have any better choice..

I really enjoyed last night performances, although I only know 3 or 4 songs,, I even haven't heard the full album yet and only watched the Tarantalegra MV twice.. And I won't say anything like he's handsome or sexy or whatever it is, I never think he's handsome and I'm not Junsu biased.. I'm a fan of his voice..

He singing live from the beginning until the encore and his voice stable till the end.. that was amazing!!! I doubt if he came here with the other two as JYJ that he would do the same thing.. 
He started the concert with some of dance songs *which I dont know the title* I thought that he was lipsynch *that's because he sing so smoothly* but there were too much different volume from the mic and the background music 
We also had a ment section with korean guy interpreter.. he learned so many Indonesian words "apa kabar", "pohon kelapa", "kalian senang gak?", "saya cinta kalian", etc... and he offered us to had him accomplished our requests, just 3 requests.. they were "xiah angel pose", "sexy dance", and "the infamous bambayaaa~" after he did the angel pose I think he got embarrassed because he giggled by himself..
Then he did some ballad sexy dance with his back dancer that made some fans hysteric *but I'm fine with that* then another ballad songs that make me cried.. the lyrics were written on the screen and  they were so sad.. 
For me the peak of his concert was when he sang some part of his musical songs (one from elizabeth and other two are from mozart) I kinda remember the second song because I like it when I was watched the subbed video.. but the very very amazing one is the third song.. It left me speechless, can't be said by words, you have to watch it yourself.. The song was called "why can't you love me" he were there as a musical actor, he sang like he was talking to another person *with an amazing vocal* and he came towards the stage *which near the festival audience* and expressing the anger of Mozart to his father that doesn't love him.. I can feel the anger when he sang and his voice was echoing in the dome, we were left silence...
and then he sang tarantallegra, there was a technical error in the end of the song.. he sat on the "king chair" but the next song wasn't played.. then the chair was taken down sooooo slowly with Junsu on it xDD~ but then he got up and wait till the music played.. and when the performance began I think the chair was taken down manually xDD~
He also sang Mission, but live!! JYJ always lipsynch when they sing this song.. And it was so neat *no JJ and no Yoochun xDDD~*
He finished the playlist with two ballad songs, but the last one made me happier..
we did request an encore....
theeeennn.... he really came again and sang Fallen Leaves... 

His performances were all flawless with such an amazing vocal ability and voice.. 
Really the best concert I've ever seen....... another J and Y should learn from him xDDD~

besides the technical error when tarantallegra, the concert was delayed for almost 2 hours >.< and there was another techinal error with lighting..
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28 May 2012 @ 08:32 pm

Sebenernya ni drama bisa sedikit happy ending kl 10 menit terakhir semua diganti,, sini gw aja yg jadi sutradara + writernya >.<~
Kejadian Young Gul bangkrut ga sekali dua kali,, yg trakhir ini gw bilang keadaannya masih bisa diselamatkan kalo writernya mau,, toh Ga Young udah punya butik sendiri,, *dan sampe saat terakhir Ga Young ga tau alesan Young Gul mati2an ngembaliin butiknya ke dia* bisalah jualan dikit2 dr isi butiknya Ga Young itu jadi modal lagi...

Ga perlulah ngebunuh Young Gul saat trakhir yang mana siapa yg bunuh juga ga jelas dan membuat kita yang nonton jadi penuh spekulasi,, knapa Ga Young diem ajalah pas di telpon trakhir itu,, siapa yang nyewa pembunuh bayaranlah... ko kayanya smua selain Young Gul berakhir bahagia,, emang sih karakter Young Gul setelah dia punya duit jadi berubah,, tp ngebuat dia miskin lagi cukup ko asal bareng Ga Young semua pasti menganggap itu happy ending,, tp kenapa Ga Young tiba2 jadi sama si Jae Hyuk >.<~ *well, ga jadian sih kayanya* 

jadi kan sekarang gw menyesal nonton,,, pake dibunuh segala sih,, tiba2 pula,, 1 menit trakhir pulaaakk~ apa juga alesan dia dibunuh, toh udah ga punya apa2.. hueeengg even Ga Young pun ngga...

ya sudahlaaahh,, mau tak tandain sutradara sama writernya,, kurang ajar,, hunggg